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Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Residential Treatment Programs Clinical Service Coordinator (#2197)

Location: Barre
Hours: Full Time

Job Description

Under the direction of the RTP Director:

  1. Work closely with the RTP Supervisor to maintain consistent treatment for clients in the RTP, the local community and, if relevant, the client’s home community
  2. In conjunction with the client’s treatment team, provide the supports and assistance necessary to aid the client in making the transition from the RTP to a less restrictive placement
  3. Develops and / or deliver services to assist clients in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, vocational, housing, financial and other services.  
  4. Maintain contact with other professional service providers for the purpose of case review or consultation regarding services to a specific client.
  5. Develop treatment plans to deliver, or provide for the delivery of, services and interventionist identified by the treatment team.
  6. Assist in developing natural support networks for children and youth experiencing a severe emotional disturbance and their families.
  7. Assist children and youth experiencing a severe emotional disturbance and their families in accessing community resources.
  8. Participate in ongoing treatment and educational team meetings as assigned by the RTP Director.
  9. Work cooperatively with schools, department of children and families, and other agencies providing services to children and youth experiencing a severe emotional disturbance.
  10. Provide monthly case management and specialized Rehab. Summaries.
  11. Attend staff meetings at WCMH as required.
  12. Ability to physically restrain children and youth who are a danger to self or others.
  13. Willing to learn crisis de-escalation and passive restraint techniques.
  14. Problem solve and manage crisis.
  15. Maintain on-going communication with school staff as assigned by the RTP Director
  16. In collaboration with the RTP SC/CM provide for on call coverage of assigned RTPs
  17. Compile, collate and report all required program data as assigned

  18. Coordinate, monitor and record all health related services provided to assigned clients

  19. Attend or insure staff coverage at all client psychiatric appointments

  20. Manage client medication systems at all assigned RTPs

  21. Manage RTP transition cases as assigned

  22. Complete all required clinical paperwork for assigned clients

  23. Attend and co-facilitate staff meetings at assigned RTPs

  24. Maintain regular contact with, and offer all necessary ongoing supports tp any foster home providing services to an RTP or RTP transition client

  25. In conjunction with the RTPSC/CM, insure that a crisis plan is in place for each

  26. Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements


Formal/Education/Training (diplomas, degrees, licenses, certifications) and experience:

Essential - BA in human services or related field is required. Experience working with youth with challenging behaviors is required.  

Desirable- Master’s Degree with at least one of the following credentials; Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician, Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Psychologist with . Completion of coursework necessary to be eligible for one of the credentials listed below in “desirable” AND ongoing supervision toward that credential OR ongoing enrollment and progress toward completion in an academic program leading toward one of the below credentials. Minimum of 5 years’ experience providing therapeutic services and supervision in a residential setting.


Willingness to work flexible hours, possession of a valid driver’s license and excellent driving record is required.  Access to a safe, reliable and adequately insured vehicle is required. 

Education Requirements

BA in human services or related field is required. Master’s Degree desired.

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