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Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Supervised/Assisted Living Provider & Behavior Interventionist - ICAP

Location: Barre
Hours: Full Time

Job Description

ICAP is an intensive treatment-based program offering placement for children and youth.  The program serves children and youth who are at risk of hospitalization, waiting to be admitted into a residential treatment program or hospital, or need a temporary placement between a higher level of care and full integration into the community.    

Under the direction of a Treatment Home Supervisor, the Home Supervised/Assisted Living Provider provides individualized support services to assigned youth who have significant social, behavioral and emotional needs, and provides supervision in the home during the day as well as overnight.  The Provider must be available during nighttime hours for supportive counseling and for implementation of crisis plan. The Provider also participates in the treatment process, and utilizes that knowledge to intervene during potentially high-risk situations.  In addition to overnights, this position is also scheduled to work 1-on-1 with an identified youth, implementing behavioral programming and providing supportive counseling in home, school and community settings.  The ICAP BI position can/will also be scheduled in other RTP’s and/or other CYFS division programs as needed. 


  • To provide supervision to the youth within the home, and provide support to the interventionists in the home.  Identify potential risk situations and deescalate the youth. 

  • Teach appropriate responses to the youth by implementing the behavior plan. 

  • To participate in the treatment process to familiarize with the youth and the youths’ behaviors.

  • To provide positive interactions with the youth.

  • To complete timesheets, required trainings and assigned paperwork in a timely manner as well as completing medication entries, log entries and point sheets at every shift.

  • Maintain a teamwork approach with all other staff and consultants in providing services to the youth.

  • To follow and implement the youths’ individualized behavior / crisis plans.

  • To provide and accept feedback to and from co-workers.

  • To familiarize, implement and comply with WCMHS policies and procedures.

  • To manage the physical safety of client and others.

  • Willingness to learn crisis de-escalation and passive restraint techniques.

  • Ability to physically restrain children and youth who are a danger to self or others.

  • To provide transportation for the youth in your own vehicle.  To ensure appropriate vehicle insurance coverage.

  • Able to lift and carry 50 pounds.

  • To follow supervision directives. 

  • Perform other duties / responsibilities as assigned.

  • Be flexible to work shifts as scheduled in the other RTPs and any other CYFS program as staffing needs are determined.

Job Requirements

Experience in human service delivery in settings serving children and youth with challenging behaviors preferred.  Experience as a therapeutic foster care provider preferred.  Willingness to work flexible hours, possession of a valid driver’s license and excellent driving record is required.  Access to a safe, reliable and adequately insured vehicle is required. 

Full time with benefits.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in human services preferred.

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