Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Behavioral Support Aid (#2165, #2244, #2245, #2246)

Location: Barre
Hours: Full Time

Job Description


Under the direction of the SBBIS Case Managers, and with ongoing training from lead interventionists and program consultant(s), provides behavioral support services to assigned youth who have significant social, behavioral and emotional needs.  Main job duty surrounds providing behavioral back up (including physical restraints) to Interventionists working with aggressive youth and teens.  Extensive training offered to successful candidate around verbal and physical interventions.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:


  1. Provide back up and / or 1 on 1 support service in school, home and community to identified clients.

  2. Assist with direct supervision, behavioral support, social skill building and daily living skills.

  3. Assist in implementation of all treatment plans developed by Lead Interventionist, ASD consultants, and Behavioral Consultants.

  4. Provide transportation to and from community activities, mental health appointments, and when necessary school.

  5. Assist in communication with WCMH treatment team, school personnel (when appropriate), treatment providers, WCMH staff and family.

  6. Assist in on-going data collection.

  7. Participate in regular treatment team meetings with WCMHS staff

  8. Ability to physically restrain potentially aggressive children and youth who are a danger to self or others.

  9. Willing to learn crisis de-escalation and passive restraint techniques.
  10. Able to lift and move 150 pounds

Mental Health/Treatment

  1. Support with on-going data collection.

  2. Complete all paperwork accurately and within the identified timeframe.

  3. Attend staff meetings at WCMH as required.

  4. Attend treatment team meetings with WCMH staff weekly.

  5. Manage the physical safety of client and others.

  6. Defer complex issues to Program Coordinator.

  7. Follow supervision directives.

  8. Participate in summer program.

  9. Advocate for client.

  10. Attend Mental Health trainings as directed by supervisor.

  11. Perform other responsibilities as assigned.

Job Requirements

Valid driver’s license, excellent driving record, and access to a safe, reliable, insured vehicle is required.

Education Requirements

High School diploma required. Related experience in human service or related field preferred.

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