Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Home Intervention Counselors (#856, #820)

Location: Barre
Hours: Full Time

Job Description

Provides direct care to consumers in crisis who would generally receive services in a hospital environment.  Responsible for doing related tasks which provide for a safe environment. 

Three full-time positions available. With the following shifts available:

#856: This is a full time night position with benefits consisting of overnight hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This is a full time night position with benefits consisting of overnight hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 


  1. Monitor the condition and behavior of consumers and accurately assess stability.

  2. Design and implement problem-solving strategies to address difficult, potentially lethal, consumer behaviors.

  3. Utilizing a recovery model, provide supportive counseling and constructive interactions to promote consumer emotional stability and increase the consumer’s ability to problem solve.

  4. Participate in treatment planning; write treatment plans based on input from the team and consumer; implement and revise treatment plans, tailoring goals and objectives to meet the consumer’s needs. Submit to Director for review.

  5. Work with client to create customized Behavioral Support Plan and submit to Team Leader for review.

  6. Write Discharge Summary within 5 days following client’s discharge and submit to Head Nurse for review.

  7. Coordinate and assist consumers with attendance at appointments, programs, or activities.

  8. Consult with consumer’s out-patient treatment team to provide continuity of care and attention to specific goals, discuss expected outcomes and assess for readiness for discharge.

  9. Accurately observe, monitor, and document consumer behavior.

  10. Make referral to and assist consumers in interactions with appropriate community resources and agencies as determined by the consumer and team.

  11. Quickly and accurately assess danger and risk posed by consumer to self or others, and intervene to control dangerous behavior using NAPPI skills and implementing suicide precaution levels.

  12. Assist consumer with medications and monitor for effects.

  13. Assist consumers in meeting basic daily needs (rest, nutrition, bathing, grooming) as well as monitor the physical well-being of the consumer by taking vital signs.

  14. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

A willingness to use own vehicle will be required as well as a possession of a valid driver’s license, adequate driving record, and access to a safe, reliable, insured vehicle.


Apply online below, or send resume to: Personnel@wcmhs.org


Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree curriculum plus 0-2 years relevant experience; or 2 years of college plus 2-4 years experience; high school plus 4-7 years experience; or the equivalent.

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