Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Communication Services

The mission of the Communication Services Program is to ensure that individuals with complex communication needs are able to communicate in their method of choice and have the support, training, and technology to:communication devices

Community Developmental Services has adopted TASH’s Resolution on Augmentative and Alternative Communication methods and the Right to Communicate.

We are proud to be have one of our Communications Services’ Peer Mentor and Self-Advocates in the movie Wretches and Jabberers, which highlights the success and struggles of two adult men with autism, Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, who embark on a global quest to change attitudes about disability and intelligence. Learn more about the movie.

How Do I Access Services?
Start by calling (802) 479-5012 x265 and speak to our friendly Intake Coordinator. You will be asked what kind of services you are seeking and depending on your answer (children’s services, developmental services) you will be directed to the correct person. You may also be asked some routine questions and to schedule a brief interview to begin the process of accessing services. In order to receive Developmental Services, you need to be Medicaid eligible. WCMHS can help you apply for Medicaid, if you do not have it in place, and will work with you to access the services you may need.

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