Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Skill Building Groups

Developmental ServicesCommunity Developmental Services offers various social and emotional skill building groups. These groups typically occur at our 50 Granview Drive office, during the work week, and the focus of the group is based on the unique needs of the individuals being supported.

Examples of groups we have offered are: Boundary, Public safety, Social skills building, Asperger’s, Communications, Specialized Treatment and Rehabilitation Team (START). Your Service Coordinator can help identify if a group is right for you.

How Do I Access Services?
Start by calling (802) 479-5012 x265 and speak to our friendly Intake Coordinator. You will be asked what kind of services you are seeking and depending on your answer (children’s services, developmental services) you will be directed to the correct person. You may also be asked some routine questions and to schedule a brief interview to begin the process of accessing services. In order to receive Developmental Services, you need to be Medicaid eligible. WCMHS can help you apply for Medicaid, if you do not have it in place, and will work with you to access the services you may need.

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