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WCMHS 2016 Year in Review- Strong Partnerships Create a Healthier Community

As the Executive Director of WCMHS, I look back at the work of a year’s time and am amazed at the progression of our programs and the importance of our role within the community.  The number of people we serve increases annually; and well over 90 percent of our clients believe that the services we provide have made a positive difference in their lives.  In 2016 approximately 7,000 individuals benefitted from our programs --- this includes those lives we touch through non-billable educational programming and community supports, as well as disaster response. 

community careThe extraordinary difference between community service organizations, such as ours, and our partners in health is that we are pro-active in outreach to people by going into their homes, meeting them in libraries, shelters, courts, schools, group homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, police stations, and even sidewalks.  Working in such a pro-active manner allows us to foster great partnerships which enhance our ability to succeed on behalf of our clients.  Let’s take a look at a few of those services where we work hand in glove with others:

Partnering in Children, Youth, and Family Services in 2016

Partnering in Adult Services in 2016

Partnering with our Community in 2016

As you can see, we have been working!  And this is just a fraction of the work we do from day-to-day to support individuals in need.  The challenge going forward in our region will be to create a system that is stream-lined so that our clients are able to access health care and health care is able to access mental health, substance use, and developmental services. 


Written 1/2017

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