About Us

Vision Statement

Healthy Neighbors, Healthy Communities: Leading the way to wellness through collaborative, inclusive and compassionate care.

Mission Statement

Washington County Mental Health Services advocates the inclusion of all persons into our communities and actively encourages Self-Determination and Recovery. We serve all individuals and families coping with the challenges of developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental health, and substance use by providing trauma-informed services to support them as they achieve their highest potential and best possible quality of life.

Center of Excellence

In March of 2018 Washington County Mental Health Services, Inc. became the First Designated Agency in the State of Vermont to be named a Center of Excellence (COE) by Vermont Care Partners.

To achieve this certification, the agency needed to demonstrate Excellence in five identified “pillars” or areas of excellence: Easy Access to Services; World Class Customer Service; Comprehensive Care; Excellent Outcomes; and Excellent Value. The criteria for COE certification outlined by VCP builds upon the work of the National Council for Behavioral Health with a goal of improving the System of Care across the 16 agency networks in Vermont.

For WCMHS, this certification is a validation and affirmation of the ongoing work we do to support some of our most vulnerable community members. WCMHS must be recertified as a COE every three years. COE sets out clear measurable standards for the organization that we must strive to meet and maintain to demonstrate our continued Excellence in service delivery to our community. WCMHS is proud to have achieved COE certification and remain steadfast in our mission to advocate for the inclusion of all persons into our communities and to actively encourage Self-Determination, Resilience, and Recovery.

History and Company Info

Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS) is designated by Vermont Statute to provide a wide variety of support and treatment opportunities for children, adolescents, families, and adults living with the challenges of mental illness, emotional and behavioral issues, and developmental disabilities. These services are both office and community-based through outreach. The range of services offered includes prevention and wellness, assessment and stabilization, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency response. WCMHS is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Community Mental Health Center.

The agency was established under this name in 1967 and proudly celebrates over 50 years of serving our community. We take a flexible approach to person-centered care for citizens within Washington County and the adjacent towns of Orange, Washington, and Williamstown. Guidelines for acceptance and participation in our programs are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, or religion. Our dedicated staff works to assist each individual to reach his or her goals.

Within the last year, approximately 5,000 individuals (8% of the population of Washington County) benefited from the services offered by WCMHS. Five percent of these individuals participated in multiple programs offered across the agency’s divisions, receiving direct services. The remaining 3% were served through educational sessions, community forums, extended family and other non-billable services.

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