Community Support Specialist #1532

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Description:  A 35 hour position (with benefits) providing support services to an individual with communication, sensory, mobility and personal care needs. To be offered in a community support setting.



  • To help promote an active lifestyle and healthy choice-making, by way of assisting individual in building and implementing a well-balance daily schedule.
  • To assist individual in attending community activities/classes and self-advocacy initiatives, and to foster community integration.
  • To support individual with communication needs, and to learn appropriate methods to do so.
  • To encourage individual in improving daily & independent living skills.
  • To work both independently, as well as part of various teams.
  • To record detailed information and date to be submitted in a timely manner.



Qualifications:  The successful candidate will possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, demonstrate flexibility, and be willing to work with individuals with a variety of support needs. Valid driver’s license, excellent driving record, and a safe, insured vehicle required. H.S. diploma or equivalent.

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