Residential Support Specialist (START)

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DESCRIPTION:  Provide support, guidance and supervision to a challenging individual in the following areas:  community activities, vocational, personal care, daily management, behavioral management, and safety needs.


SKILLS:  The preferred candidate will:

  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Work independently as well as with a team.
  • Be enterprising in the development of community resources.
  • Be willing and able to support self-care needs.
  • Commit to general agency and specific individual trainings. Full training for this position can take several months.  You must be able to pass medication delegation for several individuals.
  • Record data in a timely manner.
  • Ability to work weekends, overnights, and holidays.
  • Provide transportation in their personal vehicle
  • Seek out any additional information you may need to support an individual effectively by contacting case managers, etc.
  • Be willing to work with individuals with sexual, behavioral and psychiatric issues.


QUALIFICATIONS: The successful candidate will possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, demonstrate flexibility, able to follow directions and be willing to work with individuals with sexual, behavioral, and psychiatric issues. Individuals may pose a public safety risk, and have challenging and aggressive behaviors. Valid driver’s license, excellent driving record, and access to a safe, reliable, insured vehicle. High School Diploma or GED required.

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