Office Manager/Social Support Specialist #743

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SUMMARY OF POSITION: This position is responsible for providing daily social support to clients affiliated with CSP. In addition, the Office Manager is responsible for the overall operations of the front office, providing a broad range of administrative services to staff and the agency.



Client Related

  • On a daily basis (approximately 50% of each day), provide telephone and face-to-face social support to CSP clients. Assist clients in de-escalation, keeping safe, and working through problems that might be resolved with adequate support from the Social Support Specialist. Must have a high level of ability to triage individual situations and involve other agency staff when necessary (Case Management, Emergency Services, Nursing Services, etc.)
  • Answer telephones (400-500 calls per day), and announce client and visitor arrivals to staff.
  • Release client funds to authorized staff or directly to clients.


  • Provide a wide variety of administrative supports to CSP Director and other affiliated staff, as well as Psychiatric Services and Nursing Services, such as client projects, annual staff survey, annual client and family survey. Complete projects for CSP Director that requires skilled knowledge of Word and Excel.
  • Scan backdated chart material into client’s electronic file in Essentia as well as scan new documents into and maintain client electronic files. Assist in processing of records requests.
  • Assist with Psychiatric Services scheduling of CSP clients, and place courtesy calls for these appointments in coordination with other front offices.
  • Provide training and assistance to CSP staff on a variety of computer applications.
  • Create numerous personalized documents, such as staff recognition certificates, business cards, appointment cards, charts, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Maintain Heaton Street CSP petty cash fund in conjunction with the Accounting Department.
  • Maintain, request repairs, order supplies for office equipment including telephone system, postage meter, facsimile machine, photocopier, etc.
  • Order and maintain Heaton Street general office supply inventory.
  • Act as liaison with Maintenance and MIS to report problems, request repairs, etc.
  • Process AHS Grievances (assist staff in using correct templates and in meeting deadlines, mail letters to clients, upload required documents to AHS database). Maintain DMH required Client Grievance/Complaint log.
  • Maintain Heaton Street meeting room schedules.
  • Process all incoming and outgoing U.S. Postal Service and courier mail. Process incoming faxes and interoffice mail. Bundle outgoing interoffice mail.
  • Transcribe Psychiatric Services staff dictations, as needed (often complex and requiring excellent knowledge of medical and psychiatric terminology).
  • Maintain various bulletin boards, such as job postings, conferences, etc.
  • Keep waiting area and mail room neat, organized and clean.
  • Open and secure the building and front office on a daily basis, and participate in a rotating work shift to ensure that the telephones and front office are covered each workday until 5:00 P.M. In addition, ensure that lock-down procedures are followed at the end of each work day so that building security is maintained.
  • Serve on CSP and agency-wide committees as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.





Desirable: Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with at least two years experience working in a human services setting that involves direct client/patient contact, experience with triage, and capable of working with people in crisis. Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, and PowerPoint with a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute. Must have a minimum of two years office management experience. Proficiency in medical and psychiatric terminology is highly desirable.

Bachelor’s degree is preferred, but an Associate’s degree in Human Services, with a minimum of three years experience in a human services environment involving direct client/patient contact, experience with triage, and three to five years office management experience, might qualify someone for this position. Proficiency in medical and psychiatric terminology is highly desirable.

Essential: Lacking applicants with a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree and the experience and skills noted above, consideration given to individuals with a high school degree, three years of experience working in a human services environment involving direct client/patient contact, experience with triage, and dealing with crisis, and minimally five to seven years of office management experience. Proficiency in medical and psychiatric terminology highly is desirable.


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