Our Supportive Community

Community Acts of Kindness and Love – Have any? Send them to john.caceres@wcmhs.org.

Eric Meade, WCMHS Enterprise Specialist (l) accepts delivery of 36 laptops from Dana Potter of National Life IT.

WCMHS  has tremendous community partners, National Life Group among them. National Life’s Beth Rusnock reached out to our team seeking creative, out of the box ways to help and support WCMHS. It started with the idea of providing lunch. Working with Langdon Street Tavern in Montpelier, they made arrangements to deliver 120 lunches to WCMHS for distribution to clients and support staff, many of whom are conducting check-ins and delivering food. Wow. But it didn’t stop there. National Life donated $5000 to help subsidize the cost of 50-Android tablets for client use. And yet, that wasn’t enough. Through their Information Technology group, National Life donated 36 laptop computers; 32 Dell Latitude E7450 and six Microsoft Surface Pro 4. These, like the tablets will be given to WCMHS clients that may be isolated and in need of connections and therapeutic support during these challenging times. The laptops were all loaded with Windows 10, making use of the latest telehealth applications a reality.

“Our youngest resident expressed with sadness on Tuesday that it felt as though the apocalypse was here. We decided to turn that into a themed ice cream sundae party with multiple flavors and toppings.
That same resident also made a variety of signs with uplifting messages and drawings to post house wide.
Thank you.” – Mona Karia, Single Steps Coordinator

Personal protective equipment (PPE), especially protective face masks are in short supply. And with many WCMHS team members out in the community, delivery food, supporting families and clients, the need for mask has been a high priority. It began with a team member at the WCMHS Sunrise program, who sews, that went to JOANN, the fabric and crafts store in Barre, to get some material. When Rose, the store manager, found out what was going on, she donated the material for approximately 50 masks. Wanting to make more masks, the team member went back to get more material, intending to pay, but Rose would have none of it; more material was donated. It became clear that access to masks was going to improve given the nationwide shortage. Another team member, this time from administration, called JOANN and spoke with Rose about enough material for an additional 200 masks. Knowing this was a lot of material, this team member asked how much it would cost and Rose’s response was, “nothing, we’re happy to support your efforts.” It’s community members like Rose and JOANN that make this county and state such an amazing place to live!

Yesterday because I am moving, Jordan came to my home and loaded up bedding, curtains, fans, heaters, lamps, air mattress, iron….to distribute to our clients as they get placed into permanent housing.  This was a HUGE help to me personally and I am delighted that our clients will benefit from his efforts.” – Cordially, Kris

I figured out how to input [donated vacation time] into this form so here it is.  I would honestly give all of my time right now to help folks out.  I have 8 vacation days left that I need and then lose a bunch of it on 6/30.  I also have around 1200 hours of sick time as well. This job has blessed me for over 10 years now through thick and thin.” – Errol

Under the Radar – It would appear that candy, chips and a thank you note were left for the WCMHS housekeeping staff, anonymously, in one of the Admin offices. Tina and her team have been doing an incredible job in keeping us all safe from the spread of germs and ultimately keeping us from getting sick, disinfecting individual offices and common areas at main locations. To the anonymous person(s)…thank you for doing such a gracious act!

The Sunrise team has been ordering food from VT Food Bank for delivery to clients unable to get groceries. As a part of that effort, The Manghis Bread in Montpelier has offered to donate 48 loaves of their fresh-baked bread. It’s an incredible testimony as to the giving nature of this unique bakery!

Toilet paper has become somewhat of commodity. In fact, many stores are rationing the sales of the new “white gold.” Recently, the Mad River Barn, an inn and restaurant located in Waitsfield, donated 240 rolls of toilet paper to the Sunrise Recovery Center for distribution to its most vulnerable WCMHS Community Support Program clients.

Recognition in any line of work, is welcome, particularly the unsung heroes working in mental health services. Three Springs Farms, of Waitsfield, growers of fruits, vegetables and medicinals recently acknowledged the WCMHS Community Support Program with 14 gift bags for team members that keep showing up to take care of their clients.

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