Children and Teen Grief & Loss Support Groups

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The Children’s Grief and Loss Program [CGLP] provides a variety of therapeutic services to reduce the risk of negative outcomes for youth (ages 5-22) and families who have experienced a significant loss. The CGLP welcomes those who have experienced a death, termination of parental rights, changes in foster/adoptive care, divorce, a significant move(s), or prolonged incarceration. We have found that all youth who have experienced a loss, regardless of the type of loss, are at risk for similar mental health concerns. We strive to provide a safe, supportive environment where youth can connect with each other and learn about ways to cope while engaging in creative activities.

What do we do?
Our grief-focused services include:
– 6-week group for youth (with a 7th session for caregivers)
– Short and long-term individual therapy with a grief focus
– Caregiver psychoeducational sessions (time limited)
– Summer and Winter booster groups for youth already involved with the CGLP
– Trainings for other providers who want to learn more about supporting grieving youth
– Trainings for other providers who want to start their own grief program

All services require an assessment process and groups occur approximately 4 times per year. Please call (802) 479-4083 to find out when the next group will be, to make a referral, or for more information!

You may also visit us at for resources, tips on how to support grieving youth or information about our upcoming groups.

More about us…
The CGLP was started in late 2014 when one of our colleagues attended a workshop titled “Childhood Grief: Interventions to Use with Bereaved Children”. In early 2015 this colleague made contacts with personnel from other agencies with experience in child and family grief and loss, collected resource materials on grief and loss in children, developed a curriculum for grief-focused children’s groups, advertised our groups, and sought grant funding. The first referrals for our program were made in early 2016. Since 2016 the “Children’s Grief and Loss Project” has expanded into a “program” complete with a wide array of services, connections in the community, advertisement materials featuring a unique logo, and statewide recognition. In July 2019 one of our colleagues received a scholarship through the New York Life Foundation to attend the Dougy Center’s Summer Institute. At this week-long conference this colleague learned how to create, develop, and grow a grief and loss program for youth from one of the nation’s most celebrated grief support centers. The CGLP is a member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children and over the past two years the CGLP has received partial funding from grants from the Richard E. & Deborah L. Tarrant Foundation, the Fanny Allen Foundation, and the Northfield Savings Bank.

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