Community & Home-based Services

Community and Home Based Services include programs in our Children’s Division, which provide support and services to children and their families in the community as well as in their homes. These programs include: Family Partnership and Supports, Residential Treatment Programs, Therapuetic Foster Care Program and Respite Services.



Family Partnerships and Supports

Through the Family Partnership and Supports Program, case managers are focused on providing individualized services for children and families who are experiencing a serious emotional disturbance. Children served are typically at-risk of a more restrictive placement, and/or multi-agency involvement.

Residential Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment Programs are residential programs that provide intensive community-based services to children with challenging behaviors. Up to four residents are served in each program. WCMHS Children, Youth and Family Services Division currently operates four such programs. Each specializes in serving residents with specific needs. The primary goal of the programs is to provide stable treatment based placements to children and youth who have experienced multiple placements, extended residential placements or who would otherwise be hospitalized.

Respite Services

Respite care services are designed to give limited, planned, scheduled breaks to families caring for a child or youth experiencing, or at risk of experiencing a serious emotional disturbance. The Respite Program may provide overnight respite services through licensed the Vermont Department of Children and Families foster care providers.

Therapeutic Foster Care Program

The Therapeutic Foster Care Program (TFC) is a new program within the Children’s division. The main objective of the TFC program is to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of children and youth in a supportive family setting until the child’s family can be reunited. TFC is a trauma informed program that supports children who have experienced trauma and have difficulty managing their emotions and behaviors in the regular home environment. The intent of the Therapeutic Foster Care placement will be to support positive and healthy family contact and build on the child and family’s strengths in order to support a successful transition back to the child’s family. It is a team approach that strongly encourages positive family participation, contact and collaboration among all team members. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Therapeutic Foster Care Provider, please click here for further information.

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