Residential Services

There are many different kinds of residential facilities offered through Community Developmental Services all of which are designed to fit individuals varied needs when it comes to residential supports.

We have 2 Group Living Homes which provide 24-hour staffing. Hill Street focuses on persons with significant personal care requirements, as well as, medical oversight and monitoring. Arioli assists persons with personal care, community integration and emotional/behavioral supports.

Our Staffed Living supports occur in homes and/or apartments in the community that are occupied by one or two persons with varied levels of support. This model is utilized to support people who may have public safety concerns, persons on Act 248, or a person requiring support for specialized needs.

Home Provider is an option for people who need 24-hour support, but would like to live with a family or roommate. This model allows for greater flexibility in matching support needs with a “family.” This might include factors like active lifestyle, children or pets, smoking, location and size of family.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Provider, please contact our Home Provider Recruiter @ 479-2502. If you are seeking services, please contact our Intake Coordinator by calling 479-2502

Supervised Assisted Living supports persons living in their own home/apartment in the community. Individuals typically have basic independent living skills. Staff assists with daily living activities including: banking/budgeting, nutritional/meal planning, social emotional support, medical/dental appointments, and medication monitoring/assistance.

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