Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services provides outpatient services for adults and children. Outpatient staff is committed to working with people throughout their lifespan in times of severe challenges as well as through the stressors of daily living. Individual, couples, family, and group therapies, assessments, service coordination and community supports are offered in a variety of treatment approaches focused on meeting the client’s needs. Services are offered both in the community and office. Psychiatric services are available for clients engaged in outpatient services as a part of the treatment planning. Our team includes Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Psychologists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, training interns, and residents.

How do I Access Services?

Start by calling (802) 229-0591 to speak to one of our friendly Intake Coordinators. You will be asked what kind of services you are seeking and depending on your answer (children’s services, adult mental health services) you will be directed to the correct person. You may also be asked some routine questions and to schedule a brief interview to begin the process of accessing services. If you are not sure what services you are seeking, or what programs we offer, WCMHS will work with you to help you determine and access the services you may need.

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