Rachel Corbett Lavallee, BA, BSN, RN, TTS

Rachel Corbett Lavallee, BA, BSN, RN, TTS is our Director of Nursing Services. Rachel began her nursing career at Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS) in 2012 and became Associate Director of nursing in 2016.

At WCMHS, she worked as a residential program nurse in both Children’s and CSP, led programming for Wellness and Smoking Cessation across the agency, taught medication training for all new staff, worked on policy development, and served on multiple agency-wide and community committees. Rachel believes in the importance of nursing in the positive outcomes of our clients. She believes that the medical care that our agency provides is hinged on the knowledge and credentials of the nursing staff and the education and skills that those nurses provide to staff and clients. Maintaining an educated, empathetic, professional, ethical, and driven nursing department is essential in the success of our agency and the care our clients receive. Rachel is privileged to represent and advocate for the WCMHS nursing team and for the care that each nurse provides.

Rachel obtained her BA from the University of Vermont and her BSN from Norwich University. When not researching nursing policies and caring for clients, Rachel can often be found hiking mountains or painting amongst fields of flowers.

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