Community Support Program client

Thank you for all staff treating me with respect even when I thought I was all alone and hopeless.

Center for Counseling and Psychological Services client

My counselor is incredible. We have done a lot of hard soul searching work. I am feeling happier and feel like I have a bright future.

Children, Youth and Family Services client

Without the Hilltop ABA Program, my grandchildren wouldn’t be where they are now. It has made a huge, positive difference.

Timothy J. Bombardier, Barre City Chief of Police, Fire and EMS

WCMHS and the Barre City Police Department have an outstanding working relationship in the community, and have for some time now. Whether it be the Shift Officers and the Emergency Response Teams dealing with a person in crisis or...

Community Support Program client

Your programs have been very helpful to me. Being around people that care about you, accept you and manage stressful moments.

Children, Youth and Family Services client

CHOICE staff are amazing! They have really helped our son. He has come a long way! They have always been there to talk/help when needed for our son and myself.

Michael Sweeney, District Manager, Barre Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole

Barre Probation and Parole has worked closely with the WCMHS Collaborative Solutions Integration Project (CSIP) for many years to collaborate in serving high risk populations. WCMHS CSIP staff communicate effectively and clearly…staff are organized, efficient and have good, solid...

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