Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

Emergency? Need Help Now? (802) 229-0591

How Do I Access Services?

Start by calling (802) 229-0591 to speak to one of our friendly Intake Coordinators. You will be asked what kind of services you are seeking and depending on your answer, you will be directed to the correct person. You may be asked some routine questions and to schedule a brief interview to begin the process of accessing services. If you are not sure what services you are seeking, or what programs we offer, WCMHS will work with you to help you determine and access the services you may need.

If you are interested in Developmental Services, start by calling (802) 479-5012 (x565).
In order to receive Developmental Services, you need to be Medicaid eligible. WCMHS can help you determine your Medicaid eligibility and will work with you to access the services you may need.


We're Hiring

  • Case Manager- Provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Residential Support- Provide support for residents with developmental & medical concerns
  • Registered Nurse- Provide leadership & instruction for two Level III Residential Care Homes
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Upcoming Events And News

Facilitated Communication class being offered on July 10th from 9-3:30 at Community Developmental Services (CDS)

This introductory class will offer an overview of Facilitated Communication (FC).  FC is a method of teaching communication to those with limited speaking abilities who have difficulty with reliable, independent pointing abilities.  Click here for further details.

Doula Project hosts Mother's Day Celebration

On May 20th, the Doula Project celebrated Mother's Day with a lunch of homemade pizza cooked by staff at 23 Summer Street.  Participants socialized, admired each other's babies, and were treated to chocolates made by Vermont Chocolate for ChangeAndy Duback, a local photographer, donated his time and talent and set up a professional photo session for each participant.  Everyone was gifted their framed, printed photo.  Happy Mother's Day to our participants and babies who make our jobs the loveliest!

Wellness Collaborative's Garden receives generous donations to get gardening season started successfully!

Two generous donations from Cate Farm and Vermont Compost Company have made the early gardening season a great success for the Wellness Collaborative’s Garden.  Cate Farm donated a variety of wonderful starter plants to help the garden get a head start on our quick growing season.  Vermont Compost Company donated an entire yard of compost to ensure the soil in the garden is rich and ready for a prolific and healthy grow season.  The Wellness Garden is at the CCPS building and is utilized for Wellness Programming throughout the summer.  Participants get the opportunity to practice mindfulness while actively working in this health promoting environment.   Thanks to Cate Farm and Vermont Compost Company!

WCMHS Children's Navigation Program to offer two innovative groups this summer to help children better navigate today's world

Two exciting groups are being offered through the Children's Navigation program beginning in July.   A 6-week Bullying Prevention Group is being offered beginning on Wednesday, July 1st from 1-2 pm at the CYFS building at 579 South Barre Rd.   A second 6-week group, Self-Regulation through Creative Expression, is being offered beginning Thursday, July 9th from 3-4 pm at our 23 Summer St. building.  Check out the links above to learn more about each group.  Please contact Children’s Navigation at 229-0591 for information about how to access current groups and/or other mental health supports for children.

WCMHS Center for Counseling and Psychological Services to offer Grief and Bereavement Group for children and teens

A new and unique group is being offered for children/youth ages 6-18 who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  The group will offer both psychoeducational information and an opportunity for youth to connect with peers who have experienced similar losses.  If you are a teen or know a teen who may be interested, please click here for more teen specific information.  

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